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As home to Australia's most iconic rocking chairs and nursery decor, Hobbe's latest collaboration has seen the label partner with household name in kids decor and design, Incy Interiors.

Together, they have designed the creme-de-la-creme of rocking chairs.    

With Hobbe being the leader in nursery rockers in Australia, teaming up with Incy Interiors was a dream come true. And with founders, Samantha Hobbelen (Hobbe Home) and Kristy Withers (Incy Interiors), being great friends, it was suddenly all the more brilliant.

We recently spoke to the pair on the art of collaboration, the background behind this partnership, and what helps to foster a successful relationship.  

Kristy Withers and Samantha Hobbelen.

On the background behind the INCY X HOBBE collaboration

KRISTY: The collaboration came about after Sam and I were chatting one day about how many Incy customers also had a Hobbe rocking chair.  I jokingly said 'why don’t we do something together'.  

SAMANTHA: After Kristy's suggestion, we sat there and stared at each other, then started laughing, agreeing that it would be a great idea. Within the week, we were designing the chair and then soon after we were on a plane bound for Singapore to start the sampling/prototype process!  

On what makes a successful collaboration; and at the same time, what makes a collaboration not so successful….

KRISTY:  You need to establish up front what is in it for both parties, what each of you will contribute and gain from the collaboration.  Failure to have this difficult conversation will lead to an unsuccessful collaboration. 

SAMANTHA: You need to know and trust the person or company you are collaborating with. Honest communication is also key. It should also flow easily and be an enjoyable experience.  

On imparting collaborative, entrepreneurial advice

KRISTY: Work hard, stay humble!

SAMANTHA:  Stay focused and it costs nothing to be kind along the way.

The Incy x Hobbe rocker is available in two colour ways: blush + indigo.

View the Incy x Hobbe rocker HERE