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A woman dies every 2 minutes across the world from complications during childbirth and pregnancy. Many of these deaths are preventable. We are so fortunate in Australia that we see pregnancy as a time of joy and happiness and not a time of fear like so many in developing countries. At Hobbe, we strongly believe that mothers should not die while they labour to bring new life into the world.

Every time you make a purchase with Hobbe, you are donating to Send Hope Not Flowers, a beautiful charity that helps women across the globe give birth safely and aims to help mothers survive childbirth in the developing world.

Money donated to Send Hope Not Flowers is directed to partner organisations working on the ground in developing countries to prevent women dying in childbirth. Current projects in Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, The Solomon Islands and Timor Leste are long-term, sustainable and empowering for women such as training midwives and birth attendants or providing basic supplies to assist with birth. See here for yourself, the life-changing work this organisation is enabling.



You can find more details at and we thank you for supporting us at Hobbe so that together we can make a difference.